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Supernatural Wealth Transfer: It's Time To Receive Your Harvest

Supernatural Wealth Transfer: It's Time To Receive Your Harvest

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There is a major shift happening in the land. Our Heavenly Father is releasing that which has been held up for years in heavenly storehouses. Lack, debt, and poverty do not exist in the Kingdom of God, and you shouldn’t accept it as the norm.

A great Supernatural Wealth Transfer is on the horizon for many. Will you be one that will truly tap in to receive your harvest? I pray you will.

Supernatural Wealth will highlight detailed steps on achieving financial breakthrough. It will also teach you how to change your mindset, allowing you to expand your capacity to believe in the impossible.

In this book, you will learn…

  • How to access open portals that release wealth
  • How to live where the supernatural is the norm
  • How to break generational curses that are holding up your wealth
  • How to identify blessing blockers
  • How to shift your mind to believe you deserve wealth
  • How to Attract Wealth

Lenika and her husband Gregg are first generational Kingdom millionaires & marketplace ministers. Operating as a prophetess, intercessor, and prayer warrior, Lenika lives as a true child of the King, setting captives free through the power of God. Her ministry focuses on obedience to the Holy Spirit and being sensitive to the Father’s voice. Because of her obedience to the Father, she was able to tap into supernatural wealth where she continues to give Him all of the glory. Lenika is very passionate about seeing others led to Jesus. She and her husband have been blessed with six beautiful daughters, a granddaughter, and son in love.

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